Ben Avon Climate Action Plan

As part of a free program offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ben Avon Borough has developed a greenhouse gas inventory and Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan helps us understand the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our community and develop strategies to minimize our carbon footprint, improve our community’s resilience and preserve our quality of life.

View and Comment on the Climate Action Plan

Ben Avon has completed our Draft Climate Action Plan. To share your feedback, please fill out our online survey or email

View the Executive Summary

Download the Full Climate Action Plan.


Ben Avon will maintain its character and quality of life while achieving the following:

  • Ben Avon’s homes, businesses, and government buildings will run on clean, carbon-free energy.
  • Ben Avon will reduce fossil fuel-related pollution in order to improve our air quality.
  • Ben Avon will join regional efforts to make our transportation and waste management systems cleaner and more sustainable.
  • Ben Avon will prepare for the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather.
  • Ben Avon will consider and engage vulnerable populations in our community when preparing for and addressing climate change.

Community Climate Survey Results

In March 2021 we invited Ben Avon residents and businesses to participate in a community survey about climate action. Click here to view the survey results.

Take Action Now!

Ben Avon Residents can choose electricity generated by renewable energy!  Our goal is for 30% of residents to switch to renewable electricity by 2025.

Visit to check rates from renewable energy suppliers.  Ben Avon Borough does not endorse any particular electric supplier.  Rates and terms may vary.  The PA Power Switch website is operated by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

This video offers step-by-step instructions for how to switch.

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