Ben Avon Climate Action Plan

What are we doing?

As part of a free program offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ben Avon Borough is developing a greenhouse gas inventory and Climate Action Plan.  The Climate Action Plan will help us understand the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our community and develop strategies to minimize our carbon footprint, improve our community’s resilience and preserve our quality of life.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

With technical assistance from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Ben Avon prepared an inventory identifying sources of greenhouse gas emissions from our community. Using an online modeling tool and data from local utilities, our annual greenhouse gas emissions were estimated at 11,234 metric tons.  The majority of greenhouse gas emissions (85%) are from residential energy use (methane gas and electricity).

Community Climate Survey Results

In March 2021 we invited Ben Avon residents and businesses to participate in a community survey about climate action.  51 residents participated.  Click here to view the survey results.

Next Steps

Ben Avon is in the process of developing a Draft Climate Action Plan, with assistance from a working group of local residents.  When the draft is ready it will be posted to this website for public comment.  A public workshop regarding the climate action plan is tentatively planned for later in 2021.

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