Construction and Road Updates

PennDOT Road Work Information for 2022

2021 Ben Avon Re-Paving and Sewer Inspection schedule.

Borough Council members ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding during our annual infrastructure improvement projects. It is a short-term price to pay for long-term improvements. 

Below are the streets to be paved sometime between late August through September by Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc. The contractor is are required to provide street residents with at least 48 hours of advanced notice. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding with further inconvenience, noise, and mess.

  1. Dalzell Avenue – Perrysville to Church
  2. McCurdy Place
  3. Breading Avenue – Perrysville to Church
  4. Forest Avenue – Perrysville to Church
  5. Irwin Avenue
  6. Berringer Place

Anyone needing special accommodations are urged to contact Chuck Schweinbern, Mele & Mele Project Manager at (412) 812-4762. Please wait until the week of August 23 to contact Chuck about any concerns or issues. In addition, emergency responders and Waste Management collection services will continue to have access to these streets during this project.

Please take special care to avoid driving on any newly paved street until all restricting signage is removed and the street is officially opened. Fresh pavement must be allowed to cool and thoroughly cure to insure durability and the longest possible lifespan.  Driving on it before that time will cause damage and waste the tax dollars invested in the paving project

General  Procedure for Paving Projects

As a courtesy, Ben Avon informs all utilities of upcoming paving projects at least one year in advance.  The goal is to have any repairs or replacements completed prior to repaving the streets.  The utilities save because they do not have to pay for restoration.  The Borough saves in its investment by ensuring that the quality and durability of the new streets will not be compromised with future utility work cuts and patching.  As with any major construction project, this requires patience and understanding as the borough is captive of the utility’s calendar and budget. Sewer integrity inspections must also be conducted prior to any street paving so that any problems found can made prior to paving.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during our neighborhood improvement projects. For Ben Avon specific construction questions you may contact the Ben Avon Public Works department at or call 412.761.5311.