Duquesne Light’s Vegetation Management Program to Begin

Duquesne Light Company will be in Ben Avon Borough in the coming weeks and months to managing tree line vegetation in order to continue to deliver safe, reliable electricity to our residents. Because tree interference is a top cause of power outages in our region, it is essential that they be pruned and/or removed if there is any potential threatening impact.
Ben Avon residents were notified via door hanger or in person, and trees have been identified with paint. Trees that will be pruned have been marked with yellow paint and trees that will be removed have been marked with blue paint. As the start of their work in Ben Avon approaches, a member of Duquesne Light’s Vegetation Management team will reach out to you for further notification. Please visit the website at https://duquesnelight.com/customer-support/trees-power-lines for more information about Duquesne Light Co’s Vegetation Management Program.