Borough Hall Centennial Building Project

In 1919, the voters of Ben Avon assented to increasing the borough’s indebtedness by $15,000 for the purpose of erecting, equipping and furnishing a public building for municipal purposes with an overall budget of $45,000. To raise the remaining funds, thirty-five one thousand-dollar bonds were sold. This building, erected in 1920, has served the Ben Avon community over the last 100 years by housing the police station, fire -fighting apparatus, public meeting rooms and a serve-yourself library. Today, it continues to be the home of the Council Chambers and Borough Office.

2020 saw the Municipal Building’s Centennial Anniversary pass without much fanfare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a dedicated group of borough officials and residents have come together to celebrate this milestone by creating the Centennial Project with the goal of ensuring the viability of the Ben Avon Municipal Building for the next 100 years.

Borough Hall Centennial Project