Do Not Knock Registry

The ability of a business to engage with residents is generally protected speech. The Borough intends only to impose the minimum requirements necessary to protect the health, welfare, and safety of our residents. Nothing in this process is meant to interfere with constitutionally protected rights.

  • Businesses and Peddlers must obtain a permit from the Borough if they wish to solicit door to door. Residents can ask to see a copy of the permit.
  • The Borough offers a “Do Not Knock” registry through the Ohio Township Police Department. To register, Sign up with this Google form. You must re-register every two years.
  • Solicitors are required to obey a “No Soliciting” sign posted by your doorway or mailbox.
  • Individuals going door-to-door and not selling anything are not required to have a permit. Examples include: conducting surveys, distributing religious literature, and political canvassing.
  • If you suspect that someone may not be a legitimate solicitor, call 911 and have an officer respond.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Outdoor Cat Pictures | Download Free Images on UnsplashDomestic cats can make wonderful pets. But cats that roam outdoors, can have serious consequences. Recent estimates name cats as the number one unnatural killer of birds in the U.S.  Outdoors, cats are a non-native and invasive species that threaten birds and other wildlife, disrupt ecosystems, and spread diseases.

Cat owners can help to protect birds and other property by keeping their pet cats indoors. This practice is also beneficial to cats themselves. Studies have proven that indoor cats are healthier, safer, and live longer than their outdoor counterparts.  Check out the American Bird Conservancy to find out how to keep your furry feline friend safe.

QVCOG Glass Recycling is Now in 2 Locations

The QVCOG is proud to announce a second glass recycling station for our fifteen-member communities. Beginning Saturday, May 28th those interested may drop off the acceptable glass at the second location in Avalon Borough. The two locations are:

  • Sewickley Borough’s Riverfront Park (300 Chadwick St, Sewickley, PA 15143) free of charge.
  • Avalon Borough, 629 New Brighton Road, 15202.

The Rules and Regulations for the program are:

  • The dumpster hauling and glass recycling service will be provided by Michael Brothers Hauling & CAP Glass;
  • ​Hours of operations will be from Dawn to Dusk each day;
  • Glass containers must be rinsed of any perishable debris prior to being recycled;
  • ​Adhesive labels and container lids do not need to be removed from glass prior to being recycled; and
  • Glass products such as mirrors, porcelain dishware, and light bulbs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.