Borough Construction and Road Updates

Avon Park to close sometime this summer for gas line repairs

The Buckeye Pipe Line Company will be reseating the gas line that runs through Avon Park sometime in the coming weeks or months.  There is no definite start time as of yet but when the work commences, it will run several weeks at least.  Ben Avon will keep residents updated as to the progress.

General  Procedure for Paving Projects

As a courtesy, Ben Avon informs all utilities of upcoming paving projects at least one year in advance.  The goal is to have any repairs or replacements completed prior to repaving the streets.  The utilities save because they do not have to pay for restoration.  The Borough saves in its investment by ensuring that the quality and durability of the new streets will not be compromised with future utility work cuts and patching.  As with any major construction project, this requires patience and understanding as the borough is captive of the utility’s calendar and budget. Sewer integrity inspections must also be conducted prior to any street paving so that any problems found can made prior to paving.

Ben Avon Department of Public Works Expected Road Projects for 2018 – AUGUST UPDATE

The list of streets to be paved below is still valid with one exception.   Columbia Gas is planning to replace the mainline on Monitor Avenue in 2019. Therefore, Monitor Ave. paving will be delayed by one year until that utility work is completed (see above).

Over all, utilities are wrapping up their Ben Avon work; however, pre-paving sewer inspections uncovered several repairs that must be made prior to paving.  Given the status of utility and sewer work along with the paving contractors schedule, it looks like paving will begin sometime in the last two weeks of August or the first week in September.

During the paving project, two major routes into the Borough will be closed at times:  Dickson Avenue and Brighton Avenue.  There will be times when one of these main routes will be limited or closed (great care will be made to ensure they are not closed at the same time).  Along with the contractor, we will do our best to alert all residents of when these roads will be closed or limited.

Please contact Ben Avon Borough at or (412) 766-7704 with any questions or comments. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work to improve your neighborhood.

  • Alder Drive – West View Water and Columbia Gas are nearing completion of their utility work. Alder Drive road repaving will occur from Brighton all the way to Spruce Streets.
  • Brighton Road – Columbia Gas and West View Water utilities will be conducting ongoing work on Brighton Rd between Rt. 65 and Forest Ave. There will continue to be intermittent closures on Brighton and Route 65 as this work continues. Upon completion of the utility work, the street will be repaved.
  • Courtney Way – Road repavement between Brighton and Church Avenues.
  • Dalzell Avenue – Columbia Gas will be testing and laying a new mainline.  New services will be installed for each home.  Work is expected to be completed over the summer and the street will be repaved upon completion.
  • Dickson Avenue – Road repavement between Rt. 65 and Woodland Avenue
  • Flaccus Avenue – West View Water is conducting water line work.  Upon completion the street is expected to be repaved between Forest and Dickson Avenues.
  • Marvin Way – Road repavement between Hilands and Rostrevor
  • Monitor Avenue – Road repavement between Route 65 and Brighton Avenue (POSTPONED UNTIL 2019)
  • Ridge Avenue – Road repavement between Brighton and Church Avenues
  • Rostrevor Way – Road repavement between Church Avenue and end of road
  • Short Street – Road repavement between Alder Drive and Berringer Road
  • Sturgeon Avenue – Road repavement between Dickson and Ridge Avenues

As always, thank you so much for your continued patience and appreciation as we work diligently to improve our community.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ben Avon Borough office at or (412) 766-7704.