Traffic/Road updates

Kilbuck Township's Perrysville Ave Project

Thank you for your patience as Kilbuck Township's Perrysville Ave. construction project continues near Wilson. At this time we do not have any updates as to expected completion. As soon as we get more details we will be sure to share them.  Best advice is to find an alternate route, especially during peak traffic times.  Thank you for your continued patience.

General Utility work background

Utilities prefer laying new main line under the sidewalk versus the road as restoration is less expensive both now and in the future: in addition to being less disruptive to traffic. When laying new line under a sidewalk, they keep half of the sidewalk during construction to allow for some form of temporary walkway through the site during the time between project completion and when a new sidewalk is installed. When the new sidewalk is installed, they remove the other half of the concrete and will replace the full width of the sidewalk.

Ben Avon Department of Public Works Expected Road Projects for 2018


Below are the anticipated road projects that will be taking place during the summer of 2018. Plans are in place for utility work with Columbia Gas and West View Water as well as sewer inspections and repairs/replacements as necessary.
Upon completion of all utility work, street repaving is anticipated over the next four months, through September.  Please be advised that most of these projects are dependent upon the Gas and Water Authority's schedules and all timelines are tentative until actually completed. Please contact Ben Avon Borough at or (412) 766-7704 with any questions or comments. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work to improve your neighborhood.

  • Alder Drive - West View Water is replacing the main water line. Upon completion Columbia Gas utility work will take place. Post all utility work, Alder Drive road repaving will occur from Brighton all the way to Spruce Streets.
  • Brighton Road - Columbia Gas and West View Water utilities will be conducting ongoing work on Brighton Rd between Rt. 65 and Forest Ave. There will continue to be intermitten closures on Brighton and Route 65 as this work continues. Upon completion of the utility work, the street will be repaved.
  • Courtney Way - Road repavement between Brighton and Church Avenues.
  • Dalzell Avenue - Columbia Gas will be testing and laying a new mainline.  New services will be installed for each home.  Work is expected to be completed over the summer and the street will be repaved upon completion.
  • Dickson Avenue - Road repavement between Rt. 65 and Woodland Avenue
  • Flaccus Avenue - West View Water is conducting water line work.  Upon completion the street is expected to be repaved between Forest and Dickson Avenues.
  • Marvin Way - Road repavement between Hilands and Rostrevor
  • Monitor Avenue - Road repavement between Route 65 and Brighton Avenue
  • Ridge Avenue - Road repavement between Brighton and Church Avenues
  • Rostrevor Way - Road repavement between Church Avenue and end of road
  • Short Street - Road repavement between Alder Drive and Berringer Road
  • Sturgeon Avenue - Road repavement between Dickson and Ridge Avenues

As always, thank you so much for your continued patience and appreciation as we work diligently to improve our community.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact the Ben Avon Borough office at or (412) 766-7704.