“Did You Know” Tip:

Fall Foliage Fouls Stormwater Runoff

The beautiful vivid colors of Fall leaves are one of Western PA’s most prized assets. However, they can also become a nuisance as they migrate into the storm sewers. Once in the storm sewers, the leaf debris that carries fertilizers and pesticides, along with other yard waste, will outfall into our waterways without any water quality treatment. This pollution promotes the growth of algae blooms that degrade water quality, harming the river ecosystems and aquatic life. Leave can also clog culverts, storm drains and pipes, increasing the risk of flooding during heavy rains.

Mitigation strategies:  Take advantage of Ben Avon leaf collection through November; Use a private refuse hauler; Consider using leaves as mulch or composting. Many strategies can be found online with a simple search.

If you see leaves or other debris collecting in or around the storm drains, please do us a favor and rake them away and dispose of them so as not to contaminate or further constrict our waterways.

Thank you