Looking for a few good Avonworth Community Park Committee Volunteers

Ben Avon is looking for a few good residents to serve as volunteers with the Avonworth Municipal Authority – the overseeing authority for the Avonworth Community Park which provides a variety of recreational and social amenities to the five communities within the Avonworth district. There are several committee opportunities to be involved with including the Pool committee, Maintenance, Public Relations, Facilities, etc. For more information on the AMA and Park opportunities, visit https://www.avonworthcommunitypark.org/avonworth-municipal-authority.

If you are interested in donating your time and services, please contact the Ben Avon Borough office at benavon@benavon.com or (412) 766-7704.

Kindly pick up after your pets

Ben Avon is a very pet friendly neighborhood and we’d like to keep it that way for our pets and our human residents.  With due respect, kindly pick up your pet’s waste while on any public or private property that does not belong to you. This means bagging and disposing of waste in your own refuse container.  For full details on Ben Avon’s domestic pet ordinance please go to https://ecode360.com/31607104. Penalties may be imposed for anyone caught violating this ordinance.

Ohio River Blvd. Leaves to be Collected Wednesday, December 5

Leaf collection along Ohio River Blvd in Ben Avon will take place on Wednesday, December 5th.  This will be the final leaf pick up in Ben Avon.  If there are any leaves remaining on any of the streets they will need to be manually collected and disposed of with the weekly trash collection on Wednesdays or composted if you have access. There will be no more leaf collection as our Public Works department needs to turn over the trucks for winter snow removal.

As you are aware, it has been a very wet and difficult collection season.  Ben Avon Borough thanks you for your patience and understanding. Anyone with questions can contact Dale Regrut, Public Works Foreman, at 412-761-5311.

“Did You Know” tip:

Fall Foliage Fouls Stormwater Runoff

The beautiful vivid colors of Fall leaves are one of Western PA’s most prized assets. However, they can also become a nuisance as they migrate into the storm sewers. Once in the storm sewers, the leaf debris that carries fertilizers and pesticides, along with other yard waste, will outfall into our waterways without any water quality treatment. This pollution promotes the growth of algae blooms that degrade water quality, harming the river ecosystems and aquatic life. Leave can also clog culverts, storm drains and pipes, increasing the risk of flooding during heavy rains.

Mitigation strategies:  Take advantage of Ben Avon leaf collection through November; Use a private refuse hauler; Consider using leaves as mulch or composting. Many strategies can be found online with a simple search.

If you see leaves or other debris collecting in or around the storm drains, please do us a favor and rake them away and dispose of them so as not to contaminate or further constrict our waterways.

Thank you