Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and Ice Removal

Residents are required to keep sidewalks clear of all snow and ice. Ordinance No. 666 requires that all sidewalks must be maintained free from accumulations of snow and ice and prohibits the disposal of snow from sidewalks into public streets of the Borough. The tenant, occupant or owner of all properties in the Borough must remove snow and ice from sidewalks within twenty-four hours after the end of the weather event.

Looking for a few good Avonworth Community Park Committee Volunteers

Ben Avon is looking for a few good residents to serve as volunteers with the Avonworth Municipal Authority – the overseeing authority for the Avonworth Community Park which provides a variety of recreational and social amenities to the five communities within the Avonworth district. There are several committee opportunities to be involved with including the Pool committee, Maintenance, Public Relations, Facilities, etc. For more information on the AMA and Park opportunities, visit

If you are interested in donating your time and services, please contact the Ben Avon Borough office at or (412) 766-7704.

Kindly pick up after your pets

Ben Avon is a very pet friendly neighborhood and we’d like to keep it that way for our pets and our human residents.  With due respect, kindly pick up your pet’s waste while on any public or private property that does not belong to you. This means bagging and disposing of waste in your own refuse container.  For full details on Ben Avon’s domestic pet ordinance please go to Penalties may be imposed for anyone caught violating this ordinance.